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About Me

The first thing that you should know about me is that I really truly love reading BOOKS and STORIES. I also love the internet, my family, friends, music, food, movies, and many more. I'm also fun to be with because of my humor and energy. I have many many friends so I never get lonely.  I am a Wattpader. I'm 13 years old. Certified Pinoy. I'm an funny, energetic, and cheerful girl and a certified otaku. I despise math and love english, I'm really talkative and loud that my friends sometimes call me a megaphone.

Interests and Hobbies

I write stories and read a lot. I like surfing the net. I dance and sing. I play different sports like taekwando, badminton, table tennis. I eat a lot. I love talking. I love watching anime and reading manga. I listen to music everyday. I love watching movies. I love eating ice cream especially Gelatissimo. I like taking pictures of myself cause I'm vain. I like making new friends.

Everything that kills me makes me feel alive.


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